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BREAKING: ISIS Bombs The Prophet’s Tomb In Medina, Second Holiest Site In Islam

BREAKING: ISIS Bombs The Prophet’s Tomb In Medina, Second Holiest Site In Islam

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The terrorists of Daesh (ISIS/ISIL/IS) have proven once and for all that they are nothing but nihilistic sadists with today’s triple bombings in Saudi Arabia. A suicide bomber exploded at the Al-Masjid an-Nabawī – or the Prophet’s Mosque, in the Saudi city of Medina, killing at least four and injuring many more. Bombings also hit mosques in the cities of Qatif and Jeddah.

The Prophet’s Mosque is the second holiest site in Islam. It was built by the Prophet’s own hands and houses the tomb of the Prophet Muhammed (عليه سلام) and the remains of the first two caliphs of Sunni Islam. For the so-called “Islamic terrorists” of Daesh to strike at such a target should prove to the world once and for all that the “religious” motivation that American conservatives and Islamophobes around the world love to obsess over is nothing but a smokescreen.

Terrorism is about power and money. The godless agents of chaos known as Daesh have killed hundreds this week across the world. Fifty dead in Istanbul; twenty in Dhaka, Bangladesh; a horrifying two hundred killed in Baghdad on Friday, and now an unknown number in Saudi Arabia. All of these crimes were committed in the week leading up to the end of Ramadan, when the festival of Eid is celebrated around the world. Many of the victims in Baghdad’s marketplace bombings were women and children, buying gifts for their families to be given on Eid.

This is not the work of any man who dares to call himself a man of God. Daesh is not Islam. They are pirates, brigands, marauders, thugs that revel in the power of their weapons and preying on the innocent. It’s like saying that a man who bombed a shopping mall at Christmas or the Vatican is a “Christian.” It is desperately important that we do not get caught up in fear of the “others,” of demonizing Muslims simply because this group of devils wraps themselves in the cloak of religion for their own heinous agenda.

And as we celebrate our independence day, let us not forget that the delusions of American exceptionalism and the machinations of our twice-elected President, George W. Bush, is ultimately responsible for this crisis and the countless dead. One shudders to think what they have planned for tomorrow.

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Happy Fourth of July and Eid Mubarak.

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