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Top Trump Surrogate Tweets Out Racist Threat To AG Loretta Lynch

Top Trump Surrogate Tweets Out Racist Threat To AG Loretta Lynch

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The Trump campaign can’t seem to go an entire day without digging deeper into the rabbit hole of white supremacy with some kind of blatant public expression of naked bigotry that is quickly – if insincerely – walked back. Today, the avowed racist, failed candidate for New York governor and Donald Trump surrogate Carl Paladino sent out a tweet that called for the lynching of Attorney General Loretta Lynch.


Staffer Jackie O’Bannon was made to fall on her sword for Paladino, saying that “I made a mistake of adding ‘Lynch’ in the beginning. Sorry, no story here. I just tweeted by mistake.” Which may have been an acceptable answer from someone who didn’t have Paladino’s extensive history of being quite vocal about his heinous racism.

While Paladino was running for New York Governor backed by the Tea Party, he had an email scandal of his own. A New York news outlet found that Paladino had sent dozens of emails, many of them racist and sexually graphic “to a long list of political and business associates. One email shows a video of an African tribal dance, entitled ‘Obama Inauguration Rehearsal,’ while another depicts hardcore bestiality.”

It’s also not the first time he’s spoken openly of killing blacks. In April, he told NPR that “People who get on the Trump bus are people that are very, very frustrated with their government as it’s been. It doesn’t matter what kind of person is the exterminator, they want the raccoons out of the basement.”

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Such a statement is appalling on so many levels that it’s hard to know where to begin; but it’s clear that this is the kind of scumbag that Donald Trump keeps in his camp and the kind of disgusting bigot who his message appeals to.

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