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Watch: Dallas Police Chief Scolds Republicans, Do Your Job On Gun Control Already

Watch: Dallas Police Chief Scolds Republicans, Do Your Job On Gun Control Already

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On Monday morning, the Dallas Police Chief ripped Republican legislators for refusing to do their jobs and pass some kind of reasonable gun reform legislation in the wake of last week’s horrifying massacre of police officers by a lone wolf at a Black Lives Matter protest. The killer used a SKS semiauto rifle, which was made by the Russian military, and had a bulletproof vest.

“There is a greater role in policy-making, and folks just need to do their job. There are too many things we all agree on on both sides of the aisle that we haven’t gotten done. We just need to get it done. Quit asking cops to chime in and do it for you. We’ve got a full plate. The policy-making, the laws being passed, that’s their job. We need to do it to be safer in this country. The issues have been long discussed. We are not getting to a place where we do anything. That’s the frustration for police officers. We all know what needs to be done that we agree on, just to say we did something.”

Perhaps conservatives will begin to listen to the group that they’ve been defending so loudly over the past week – America’s police officers. Republican legislators in both houses of Congress refused to pass any kind of gun reform despite the widespread calls for any kind of action after the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, where over 50 people were gunned down by a mentally unstable man. The efforts of Democrats in Congress – Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) led a fifteen hour filibuster to force a vote on a gun bill (the bill failed to pass) and House Democrats led a 28 hour sit-in in protest of their Republican colleagues, which also failed to make any progress.

But at this point in time it’s clear to all that the Republicans in both Houses of Congress are far too beholden to the National Rifle Association and weapons manufacturers to listen to the American people, an overwhelming 90% of whom want increased background checks on weapon purchases. We need to punish them for their obstructionism by voting them out this November. Enough is enough, and if they won’t listen to us, we must find someone who will do their damn jobs.

Watch it here:

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