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Busted: Leaked Audio Shows Trump Endorsed Hillary For President In 2008

Busted: Leaked Audio Shows Trump Endorsed Hillary For President In 2008

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New Donald Trump quotes have been unearthed from his old radio show, Trumped!, which aired from 2004-2008. Each day, Trump personally gave a one minute commentary on hard-hitting issues like the sexiest women (Keira Knightly was “unbelievable” and Maria Sharapova was “truly unbelievable”), and the occasional pop survey finding that Democrats are better in bed. Among this hodgepodge of puerile nonsense are resounding endorsements of President Barack Obama – and in particular Hillary Clinton – during the 2008 presidential race.

“At least one member of [Mr. Obama’s] team said Clinton would make a good vice president. Well, I know her, and she’d make a good president or a good vice president. … A lot of people think a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton pairing would be a dream ticket in November.”

It was already publicly known that Trump supported the 2008 Clinton campaign, which he and most of his family donated to, but he was also a fan of her long before days as First Lady. In his 1997 “book,” The Art of the Comeback, Trump called Clinton “a wonderful woman who has handled pressure incredibly well.” He also included a picture of himself and his sons with the then-First Lady.

Photo of Trump and Clinton from the Art of the Comeback


Trump has demonstrated time and again that he sees merit in Clinton’s skills as a professional politician. He might criticize her competencies today because his attempt at a political career depends on it, but only a few years ago he was singing her praises as the best candidate for the White House. We shouldn’t mistake Trump’s political move to condemn Clinton as grounded in fact or even his actual opinion. Trump is playing politics, not saying what he knows to be true.

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Trumped! On Hillary Clinton

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