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Joe Biden’s Response To Trump Declaring Himself The “Law & Order” Candidate Is PERFECT

Joe Biden’s Response To Trump Declaring Himself The “Law & Order” Candidate Is PERFECT

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On Monday July 11, Donald Trump declared himself to be the “law and order candidate” at a campaign rally in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Trump said, “Not only am I the law and order candidate, but I’m also the candidate of compassion, believe it.” Trump’s ridiculous claims raised eyebrows and elicited more chuckles than cheers within the political sphere, particularly from Vice President Joe Biden.

During an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” host George Stephanopoulos said to Biden, “Donald Trump was out saying he is the law and order candidate. He’s going to make America safe again.”

While Stephanopolous quoted Trump, Biden could not help but laugh and grin. He then asked Biden, “Is that your response? A laugh?”

Biden chose to not mince words. “Well I’d rather not make this story about Donald Trump, so I’m going to restrain myself, but the truth of the matter is that one of the problems we’ve had is getting funding for law enforcement from his party, and maybe he’ll come forward and be supportive of more support for community policing.”

In his response, Biden was alluding to a vote held by House Republicans back in May when they voted to approve $50 million in funding to improve and assess the justice system. $15 million of the funds were proposed to help local police departments purchase body cameras, something which 88% of Americans approve.  The funding is around one-third of the amount President Obama was originally seeking.

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If Donald Trump is going to continue his charade of claiming to be the “law and order” candidate this discrepancy in funding should be first on his list to address, but we won’t be holding our breath.

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