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Dallas Mayor Just Slammed Giuliani For Calling BlackLivesMatter “Racist,” Defends Obama (VIDEO)

Dallas Mayor Just Slammed Giuliani For Calling BlackLivesMatter “Racist,” Defends Obama (VIDEO)

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On Tuesday, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings lashed out at former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his outrageously offensive comments about the BlackLivesMatter movement. Giuliani has either been sliding into senility for years now or is simply embracing the appalling racism that has always festered in his tainted soul, as over the past few years the appropriateness of his statements has deteriorated from the merely implied racism of a Republican Senator into full-on Sarah Palin territory.

Most recently, in a show of disgusting condescension, told black parents to “teach their kids to respect cops,” blaming them for their own executions at the hands of police officers and said that “Black Lives Matter is inherently racist.” Mayor Rawlings, however, wasn’t about to let that pass without rebuttal, eviscerating Giuliani’s efforts to imply that “disobedient” blacks aren’t worthy of police protection.

Our police officers died for Black Lives Matter movement. We were protecting those individuals. That is not a racist organization. They’re trying to do better, but I ask everybody to start at the level playing ground that there are police are there to serve them and to serve everyone.”

Rawlings also fired back at the ocean of conservatives who concoct these wild and baseless narratives that President Obama is “dividing” the country by acknowledging that black Americans are unfairly targeted by police and are far too often killed without trial or charge. Rawlings said that the President has been extremely supportive. “He’s [the President] told me that the words that come out of leaders are important and we’ve got to always believe we can do better. But it’s got to start with our self-esteem as a police force and understand 99 percent of what they do is what we want and that we’re proud of them. Sometimes, people hear what they want to hear in those conversations.”

The tsunami of undisguised racism and vicious condescension emanating from the far-right wing at Black Lives Matter for having the sheer nerve to protest systematic abuse and an epidemic of murder is truly depressing to behold. White supremacy is well and alive in America, and its avatar has become the nominee for a major political party while the right-wing media network relentlessly fights to delegitimize and demonize not only the BlackLivesMatter group but all concern at the alarming militarization of our police forces.

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We applaud the police chief and mayor of Dallas for being a voice of reason and rationality against the undeserved wave of hate emanating from the right.

Watch the interview here:

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