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Paul Ryan Was Asked Why He Supports “Openly Racist” Trump, His Response Is Appalling (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan Was Asked Why He Supports “Openly Racist” Trump, His Response Is Appalling (VIDEO)

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The nefarious Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, found himself in a contortionist position while trying to explain why he is supporting the openly racist Donald Trump despite having condemned Trump’s actions and rhetoric on numerous occasions.

While speaking at a CNN Town Hall Event on July 12 one member of the audience, Zachary Marcone, grilled Ryan, “I cannot and will not support Trump. It concerns me when the Republican leadership is supporting somebody who’s blatantly racist and has said Islamophobic statements and wants to shut down our borders. How can you morally justify your support for this kind of candidate, somebody who could be very destructive?”

Ryan began his answer without answering Marcone’s question instead choosing to go right to baseless partisan fearmongering, “I’d say a few things. That basically means you’re going to help elect Hillary Clinton and I don’t think Hillary Clinton is going to support any of the things you stand for if you’re a Republican.” Then in typical hypocritical conservative fashion, Ryan turned about face and admitted he agreed with Marcone that Trump is a racist, “On some of the issues you just mentioned I felt obligated to speak out when I saw something that was wrong, when I heard something that was wrong, that didn’t reflect my views or the views of fellow conservatives and Republicans. I think it’s important, no matter what the circumstances, you speak out for what you believe in.”

So Speaker Ryan believes it is important to stand up against racism, but he’s going to support a racist anyway. How quaint and neatly fitting into his bizarre world view. He went on to justify his support of Trump’s racism based on the possibility of nominating a new Supreme Court Justice during the next president’s 2016 term, “Having said all of that I also think it is important that we put good people in The Supreme Court. We were just talking about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The next person on The Supreme Court will shape this court for probably a generation. Almost 25 years. That means are we going to be faithful to the constitution or not for a generation? That’s point one. Point two. Look at the agenda we are pursuing. Look at the agenda we are perusing in conjunction with our nominee and I know that agenda has a much better chance of going into law because I know it won’t go into there with Hillary Clinton.”

Indeed, one should look at the agenda that is being pursued under a Trump presidency. The GOP National Committee voted on their party platform which seeks to make the Bible required reading in school, the banning of food stamps, and the dismantling of the rights of LGBTQ individuals to marry who they love. He said all of this while hiding under the false guise of constitutionality, and there will be a large segment of the voting public who will foolishly believe his rhetoric like so many lemmings approaching a cliff.

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Ryan finished off his bizarre contradictory statements stating he will continue to support Trump, and his racist policies, while acknowledging Trump’s racism, simply because he doesn’t like Hillary Clinton, “So yes, things have been said that I too disagree with then I will make that point then, but I am going to fight for these solutions and principles I believe in and a candidate that I think is so much more likely to put those into law, because I know Hillary Clinton won’t do that. It is a binary choice. It is either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton and I know where I want to go.”

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Apparently where Speaker Ryan wants to go is back in time where hatred, fear, bigotry, and racism were the soup du jour. How patriotic of him.

Watch the exchange here:

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