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The Republican Party Has Released Their Platform For The 2016 Convention, And It Is INSANE

The Republican Party Has Released Their Platform For The 2016 Convention, And It Is INSANE

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If the members of the Republican National Committee are looking to alienate the American voter with their 2016 platform, they’re well on their way to accomplishing that goal. On Monday several subcommittees voted to pass a series of absurd and archaic positions that belong in the stone age, and not modern society.

To begin with their tone deafness a subcommittee voted near unanimously to make the Christian Bible required reading in public schools as part of “American History.” The GOP purports to be the party of constitutionality, and their belief is the Bible being taught in school is an aspect of the freedom of religion. Where their thinking becomes warped and twisted is if one form of religious text is taught in schools it is only fair to teach all forms of religion in schools. It is doubtful that the GOP will be offering the Quran, or say, Rastafarianism as possible alternatives to the Bible. Children praying to Mecca, or ritualistically smoking marijuana in the classroom is certainly not the type of freedom of religion which Republicans believe.

If such stupidity were not enough, worry not, as they were just beginning. A subcommittee also voted to ban transgender individuals from using bathrooms that are not in line with the individual’s original sex. The subcommittee also seeks for The Supreme Court to overturn its ruling that gay marriage is legal in America. This comes after dozens of LGBTQ individuals were gunned down in an Orlando bathroom by a homophobic psychopath, Republicans still believe individuals doing their business in a stall are a greater threat to public safety. They are absolutely, unquestionably shameful in their redundant backwards policy positions.

Could the Republican National Committee get any worse? Oh yes. TIME magazine’s Zeke Miller reported one of the biggest bigots in America, Tony Perkins, met with the Chairman of the RNC, Reince Priebus, to lobby for an amendment endorsing anti-gay ‘conversion therapy.’ Study after study has proved this snake oil pseudoscience to be a complete farce and an insult to LGBTQ individuals everywhere. As a point of fact disgraced Congresswoman Michele (spelled with one L instead of two so it doesn’t spell hell) Bachmann and her husband Marcus have profited heavily from these “therapy” clinics, with Marcus being as obviously homosexual as one could imagine. As is par excellence for the GOP, what they preach is not what they practice.

The horror show does not stop there. The RNC has also passed a proposal calling for a complete end of governmental intervention in parenting. This will defacto allow parents to keep their children not vaccinated, uneducated, and give them free rein to beat their offspring to their heart’s content. How quaint, as these policies will clearly be beneficial to future generations of psychologically well adjusted young Americans.

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Adding insult and injury to their own standing amongst rational thinking Americans Republican delegates also unanimously adopted a drafted amendment which called pornography a “public menace” and “public health crisis.” This stance is a far break from the GOP’s 2012 platform which abhorred child pornography, something which all Americans can agree is unacceptable. These words come from the party which claims to favor small government, which is just small enough to fit inside the bedroom of every American to monitor exactly what they are doing, and what they are watching. Many will rightfully argue the true public menace is the GOP’s flagrant overreach into the privacy of Americans minding their own business.

After assailing and insulting the rights of millions of Americans, the RNC began churning out various other absurd proposals calling for Federal land to be gifted back to the states, and that food stamps are unconstitutional, despite millions of Americans needing those social services to survive in a nation suffering by destructive GOP domestic policies which drove millions of well paying jobs overseas.

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In a final blow to intellectualism the RNC’s draft platform gleefully declared coal to be “an abundant, clean, affordable, reliable domestic energy resource.” With what must have been sheer coincidence the RNC’s language mirrored the exact talked points offered by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, a lobby group that describes coal as “an affordable, abundant and increasingly clean domestic energy resource that is vital to providing reliable low-cost electricity.” As a point of fact, according to Open Secrets, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity has spent a whopping $29,683,689 in lobbying between 2000 and 2016. While no points will be awarded for originality, one must tip their hat to the GOP for their sheer gall in copying the exact words of those who donate money to their platform.

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These gifts are just a small sampling of what is to come if Donald Trump were to be elected President of the United States. A government which is intrusive, that tells you what you can eat, what you can watch, who you can love, and what form of worship should be taught to the impressionable minds of America’s children. For these reasons, and many more to come, it is clear the Republican Party has completely lost its way and must be stopped at all costs from obtaining The White House, lest their horrifying vision of America come to fruition.

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