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Shocker: Republican Activist Charged With Eleven Counts Of Voter Fraud

Shocker: Republican Activist Charged With Eleven Counts Of Voter Fraud

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A common propaganda technique is to accuse your opponent of what you yourself are guilty of, and the ethically void Republican Party has made this one of their guiding principles. Conservative legislatures across the country have been raising the alarm over the imaginary crisis of voter fraud, passing new laws which only serve to deny people the right to participate in our democracy while the right-wing gerrymanders and cheats their way to power.

A Republican activist has just been arrested on a staggering eleven felonies for systematic voter fraud during the Nevada primary. Tina Marie Parks of the Engage Nevada was caught falsifying voter forms, registering Democratic voters as “nonpartisan” or “Republican.” She also falsified her own voter registration form to allow herself to vote, which she couldn’t do because it turns out that Mrs. Parks already had several prior felony convictions on drug charges.

Parks was charged with “four counts of perjury for allegedly signing four registration forms for herself on which she attests she had no felony conviction or other loss of civil rights that would make it unlawful for her to vote. The other charges include two counts of attempted intimidation of voters; one count of intimidation of voters; three counts of acts concerning registration of voters for allegedly falsifying registrations; and one count of prohibited acts of employees of voter registration agencies.”

The irony is, of course, that it’s the Democratic Party that fights to restore voting rights to felons, recognizing that the mass incarceration policies of the Reagan era and the stigmatization of felons are part of a larger effort to disenfranchise black Americans and keep them downtrodden as a perpetually exploitable underclass, just as voter fraud legislation does. It just goes to show what enormous hypocrites Republicans truly are – and who the real enemies of democracy are in America.

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