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Watch: An Innocent Unarmed Teen Is Brutally Shot Dead By Cops In California

Watch: An Innocent Unarmed Teen Is Brutally Shot Dead By Cops In California

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California police got a call about a man walking around Fresno, with a rifle, wearing camouflage and went driving around in their cruisers to find a suspect on June 25th of this year.  Somehow, it led two police officers to teenager Dylan Noble.

Except that Noble was driving his black pickup truck at the time, he was wearing khaki pants and a black t-shirt with a white print. Most importantly, Noble was unarmed. But the two Fresno Police officers were undeterred, and initiated an investigatory traffic stop of Dylan Noble’s truck – searching for the man on foot – and exited the car with guns drawn.

Dylan Noble was promptly shot dead and now his parents are suing the Fresno Police Department for killing their son in that gas station parking lot. A witness video emerged shortly after the shooting, but it was unclear what had taken place, since it started after the officers had already fired at the teen.

Prior to releasing the video, Fresno PD Chief Jerry Dyer told the LA Times that, “Officers at the scene had warned Noble not to reach into his waistband, believing he may have a gun, but Noble twice reached under his shirt for his waistband.”

At that point, the Chief had already viewed the body camera footage, so it just doesn’t make any sense why he’d tell the media some false narrative to blame the teenager for his own death, because the 19-year-old lost his composure in the face of the two grown men aiming firearms at him and screaming. Police body cams captured the whole incident, which shows that the police officers knew full well that the teenager was not carrying a rifle.

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In fact, video shows that Dylan Noble had both of his hands out to the sides clearly during the course of the fateful incident, certainly without holding a rifle or any firearm, or anything at all in front of the two officers aiming their service weapons at the teen.

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At the end of the encounter, Noble cracked, and screamed, “I hate my f–king life,” so the two Fresno police officers opened fire, shooting the unarmed teen in the chest twice. The two officers kept shouting commands at the wounded teen to “Get his hands up,” then pumped more bullets into Noble, because he placed his hands on the bullet wounds and they expected him to comply as he lay dying on the pavement of the gas station. The family’s notice of legal claim says that Fresno police, “officers never had an objectively reasonable basis to shoot Dylan Noble…. At no time did they use or attempt to use their K-9. At no time did they use or attempt to use a Taser. At no time did they use or attempt to use anything but deadly force.”  Eventually, a third officer arrived with a shotgun, walked up to the other officers – as recorded by a witness – and without saying a word fired the final shots at Dylan Noble.

(WARNING GRAPHIC POLICE BRUTALITY footage) 30 second witness video:

(WARNING GRAPHIC POLICE BRUTALITY footage) Four minute police video:

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