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Is This The Real Reason Sarah Palin Won’t Attend Trump’s Convention In Cleveland?

Is This The Real Reason Sarah Palin Won’t Attend Trump’s Convention In Cleveland?

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The Tea Party matriarch, Sarah Palin, will not be attending this year’s Republican National Convention to give another one of her famously incoherent speeches – and we may have figured out why. Palin is beloved by the particularly anti-establishment and anti-intellectual faction of the far-right wing, and her absence prompted questions that weren’t defused by presumptive nominee Trump’s offhand explanation that “Alaska is far away.”

Yes, it is far away, but airplanes exist and she has used them many times previously. The truth, however, might be a little darker. Blogger Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs discovered that Palin’s son, Track, is being remanded to prison.

If you will recall, Track Palin was arrested for viciously beating his girlfriend in a drunken rage and threatening her with a rifle, an incident which his mother Palin then blamed on his “PTSD” from his military service (even though Track never saw combat), which in Palin’s mind, was the fault of President Obama (even though in fact George W. Bush was the president at the time). Veterans around the country erupted in fury over her using a very real and very deadly disorder to excuse her son’s barbaric behavior.

So now we know why “Mama Bear” won’t be regaling us with another one of her insane rants or bits of spontaneous, nonsensical poetry.

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