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SHOTS FIRED: Hillary Rips Bigot Mike Pence In Devastating New Ad

SHOTS FIRED: Hillary Rips Bigot Mike Pence In Devastating New Ad

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The Hillary Clinton campaign fired the first volley against Donald Trump’s choice of running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, publishing a devastating video that chronicles Mike Pence’s terrible track record when it comes to human rights, women’s rights, the economy – you name it.

A religious extremist who made his career fighting to strip women of agency over their bodies and discriminating against LGBT Americans, Pence began trying to defund the beloved reproductive healthcare provider Planned Parenthood of their funding long before Christian zealots fabricated the preposterous smear campaign that was nevertheless accepted at face value by gullible conservatives and misogynists looking for an excuse to deny women the right to choose. He joined fellow extremist Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in pushing for a government shutdown over defunding Planned Parenthood, which has worked for nearly a century to provide critical reproductive health services to people across the world, helping five million Americans a year.

He also became the subject of national disgust when he signed Indiana’s “religious freedom restoration act” into law, which legalized discrimination against LGBT Americans by “devout” Christians who apparently don’t understand what the Bible meant when it said “love thy neighbor.” That act ignited a firestorm of condemnation and prompted an economic crisis as businesses fled the state in protest.

Pence, being a Tea Party governor, also has a very questionable economic record. While he slashed taxes for corporations and the wealthy, wages for the average Hoosier remained stagnant, the 38th lowest in the nation. Quality of life in the state plummeted to 46th in the nation and the state’s workforce to 42nd. Pence even turned down an $80 million federal grant that would have established universal pre-kindergarten in his state – but apparently he would rather listen to delusional conservatives who think that the Common Core will turn your kids gay.

That’s the kind of man Trump has chosen to be his running mate – and he’s just as dangerous as Trump.

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