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GOP CHAOS: Never-Trumpers To Force Vote To Replace Trump As Nominee

GOP CHAOS: Never-Trumpers To Force Vote To Replace Trump As Nominee

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The Republican National Convention (RNC), which began today and will continue through Thursday, is already descending into chaos. Never Trump delegates are making their final, biggest stand by attempting to force a vote that could unbind delegates who currently have to vote for presumptive nominee Donald Trump if voters in their state preferred Trump. Currently Trump has enough ‘bound’ delegates who have to vote for him to win the official nomination with ease; but things may be about to change.

Never Trump delegates need to force the convention to hold a ‘roll call’ vote on the current rules about bound delegates. For the Never Trump cause to succeed, they will need the rules to change so every delegate is free to vote with their ‘conscience’ – in other words, every delegate can vote for whichever primary candidate they prefer.

To force the roll call vote, they need a majority of delegates in seven states to sign a petition. Politico reports that currently a majority of delegates in nine states have signed on, representing Colorado, Washington, Utah, Minnesota, Wyoming, Maine, Iowa, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Former senator Gordon Humphrey (NH) has submitted the petition to the convention secretary.

It is not likely that the roll call vote will successfully change RNC rules, but the establishment is calling aside signatories in a show of desperation, because they realize that a roll call vote will highlight the large segment of Republicans who refuse to support Trump as their nominee.

We will post updates to this story as soon as they come in.

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