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Watch: Trump And Pence Squirm As Their Hypocrisy Is Exposed With a Brilliant Question

Watch: Trump And Pence Squirm As Their Hypocrisy Is Exposed With a Brilliant Question

To put in perspective what an utter trainwreck Donald Trump’s presidential campaign truly is, just take a look at the first joint interview that he and his grudgingly appointed running mate, Indiana governor and notorious bigot Mike Pence, gave to 60 Minutes.  Sitting on outrageous golden thrones, Trump glowers with restrained hostility, visibly angry to see the attention given to another man; Pence looks like he’s trying to be cheerful for his kids while his dignity is surgically removed from his body.

Interviewer Lehsley Stahl began asking Pence how he feels about Trump’s overwhelmingly negative campaign since he himself had previously declared himself opposed to negative campaigning:

“You said negative campaigning is wrong. And a ‘campaign ought to demonstrate the basic decency of the candidate.’ With that in mind, what do you think about your running mate’s campaign, and the tone and the negativity of it?”

Like a good Republican hypocrite, Pence robotically recited his pre-written Trump defense lines that, unsurprisingly, didn’t answer the question: “I think this is a good man who has been talking issues the America people care about.”

Stahl wouldn’t let him off that easy though, then reminding Pence of how Trump had attacked his opponents during the primary season, like Ted “Lying” Cruz (although to be fair, while rude, that was more a statement of facts than an out-of-line attack). Pence then delivers the next line of the script, saying “this campaign and Donald Trump’s candidacy has been about the issues the American people care about.”

At this point, Trump cannot stand being left out of the conversation anymore and proves that there is nothing to his campaign but negative attacks, blurting out in a very telling non sequitur that “HILLARY CLINTON IS A LIAR! We proved it last week.” It just goes to show that Mr. “Family Values” has as little moral fortitude as the rest of his bigoted party of religious extremists.

Watch it here:

Colin Taylor
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