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SHOCK: Watch The EXACT Moment MSNBC Realised Melania Ripped Off Michelle’s Speech

SHOCK: Watch The EXACT Moment MSNBC Realised Melania Ripped Off Michelle’s Speech

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This clip shows the very moment that Rachel Maddow and the rest of the MSNBC Republican National Convention coverage team realize that Melania Trump plagiarized her speech from First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech.

They are, to say the least, stunned. It was the very Trumpish cherry on top of a night of naked xenophobia and fetishistic ethnoreligious nationalism. Following the effort by the NeverTrump movement to change the rules, the walking out of the Colorado and Iowa delegations, Trump’s bizarre and over-the-top entrance to Sherrif Clarke’s declaration that America was at war with Black Lives Matter, to some veteran begging for Trump to Make America America Again (whatever that might mean), the fact that Melania had plagiarized her speech was really a poetic finish to what was what was an utter train wreck. And that was the FIRST day.

“This turns this night into a catastrophe. This is a plagiarized speech, hands down, game, set, match on that. What an outrageous disservice to Melania Trump by the speech writers on that campaign.

We know tonight, as you watch the incongruity between the speeches, the lack of a theme, the lack of a connection, the day starting off with the targeting and attacking the Ohio governor, right through the end of the program. Hamilton on Broadway is a great show, a great production, no one leaves it early. Tonight, in the middle of a show, and be clear, this is a show, a lot of people left it early.

This is not a good first night, and now you have brought scandal to a prospective First Lady in the form of her convention speech. Just an outrageous incompetence and disservice to her by that campaign.”

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The other four anchors all take turns weighing in on what an utter disaster of a convention this was. But after the circus of a campaign, is anyone really surprised?

Watch it here:

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