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All Hell Just Broke Loose At RNC After Cruz Refuses To Endorse Trump

All Hell Just Broke Loose At RNC After Cruz Refuses To Endorse Trump

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The implosion of the Republican Party continued on the third day of their National Convention, which began with Laura Ingraham giving a Nazi salute and ended with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) refusing to endorse the newly crowned nominee – and being met with a chorus of preplanned boos.

The universally despised Ted Cruz mentioned Trump’s name only once in his speech, which he then used to announce a 2020 bid for the presidency and selling his perverse vision of  what America should look like – but implicitly challenging Trump and telling voters not to vote for him:

And to those listening, please, do not stay home in November. [Applause] If you love our country and love your children as much as I know that you do, stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.

Trump entered the – and this couldn’t be more poetic – literal arena and his delegates began to chant “ENDORSE TRUMP!” Cruz’s wife, who was once memorably insulted by Trump, had to be escorted from the arena by security as delegates screamed “GOLDMAN SACHS!” at her, condemning her for her employment at the financial institution and smearing her as a tool of the oligarchs. Trump supporters were reportedly trying to attack Cruz and his wife for his refusal to pay homage to Trump.

For what it’s worth, Cruz did stick to his guns and refused to endorse the man who insulted his wife, alleged that he had cheated on his wife, accused his father of murdering John F. Kennedy, and dubbed him “Lying Ted.” This was an astonishing sight that very nearly descended into inter-party violence, and is just further evidence that the Republican Party is dead and gone; in the battle between white supremacists and religious extremists, America loses either way.

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Video shows Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi, escorted out of #GOPConvention amid fears for her safety

— ABC News (@ABC) July 21, 2016

Watch Cruz's speech descend into chaos here:

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