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JUST IN: Trump Admits to Union-Busting At His Vegas Casino, Will Pay Settlement To Workers

JUST IN: Trump Admits to Union-Busting At His Vegas Casino, Will Pay Settlement To Workers

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On the day that Donald J Trump accepted the Republican nomination, the real estate mogul was exposed once again for being a greedy, corrupt, and unfeeling manipulator who cares nothing for the workers who built his “empire.”

The man who “never settles” his lawsuits settled a lawsuit from the National Labor Relations Board leveled against the Trump corporation for illegally retaliating against workers who tried to unionize and for “unfairly” challenging the union vote at Trump Casino in Las Vegas. Trump paid back $11,200 in back wages to two workers, one of whom was fired and another who was denied a promtion for getting their fellow workers to join the Culinary Union of Las Vegas.

Mr. Trump and his organization have also been accused of threatening and intimidating the organizing workers, which should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody who has followed the Trump campaign. Far from being the benevolent oligarch as he claims to be, Trump has maintained his wealth by ruthlessly exploiting his workers, underpaying and in some cases refusing to pay at all those who make the mistake of contracting or applying for work with him.

Trump’s hotel treats its workers much worse than their competitors do, and pays them on average $3 less than other hotels do. “At Mandalay Bay I had health insurance for free, a retirement [account], every year I got a raise, I got holiday pay. Over here [at Trump International] we don’t get an [annual] raise, we have to pay for our insurance, and we have no retirement. It’s a big difference. I’m not making enough to give my kids a better future” mourned hotel housekeeper Maria Jaramillo.

Trump sells himself as the salvation of the American middle class, but he is a manifestation of all the greed and disdain which prompted its decline in the first place. His signature style of bluster and bullying to achieve his selfish agenda has been the central theme of his message, which appeals to a minor shred of the population who respond to such primitive shows of aggression, but it’s clear that only one person matters to Trump – himself – and the election of President Trump would be the worst thing for American workers since the invention of the “right to work” law.

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Just listen to Cleveland construction worker Mike Kilbane: “This man is a card-carrying member of the ruling class, someone who has known privilege and entitlement his entire life. He puts his own personal gain and profit over any other consideration, and he’ll do anything to make sure it continues.”

h/t to ThinkProgress

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