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Even Conservative Leaders Found Trump’s Speech Terrifying. Here’s What They’re Saying…

Even Conservative Leaders Found Trump’s Speech Terrifying. Here’s What They’re Saying…

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Republican nominee Donald Trump’s nomination speech at the Republican National Convention was so dark and depressing it sent shudders through those watching it as the corpses of former Presidents shifted in their tombs. He painted a nigh-apocalyptic picture of our country which, like his worldview and grasp of not only science but math as well, is completely removed from reality.

Hungry immigrants clamber over a weak border fence to devour your jobs! That’s not a starving child fleeing Assadi chemical weapons! He’s a Daeshi sleeper cell that will hide under your bed and murder your blonde, white children in the night while his mother complains about the lack of sharia at the grocery store! As a nation, we are being held up against the wall and robbed by our allies! Black murderers are hunting our policemen in the streets while President Obama, the Secret Muslim Communist, is conspiring with the mainstream Jewish media to hide the truth from you!

I wish my sarcasm wasn’t so close to the truth. It’s safe to say that the vast majority of America was absolutely horrified at the apocalyptic visions Trump described for the our nation and its future. Not much in the way of solutions, it should be noted. Just take a look at how major Republicans reacted to this outpouring of fear and hatred, this primitive appeal to our most basic instincts:

A speechwriter in George H.W. Bush’s White House:

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The chief speechwriter in George W. Bush’s White House (and a Post columnist):

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Mitt Romney’s chief strategist in 2012:

The chief strategist for Jeb Bush’s Super PAC:

A popular conservative blogger in the Never Trump camp:

The Republican focus group guru:

Eric Cantor’s former communications director:

Fox host and Bush 43’s White House Press Secretary:

The editor-in-chief of the conservative

A GOP pollster who specializes in outreach to young people:

A longtime John Kasich confidant:

A conservative columnist for the Houston Chronicle:

The conservative columnist at the NYT:

The Financial Times’s U.S. columnist:

A culture reporter for the New York Times:

CBS reporter:

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