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Canada Has Great News For Americans Fleeing A Trump Presidency

Canada Has Great News For Americans Fleeing A Trump Presidency

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It’s become an overused trope in America’s political discussion that if a Republican wins the White House, liberals will move to our progressive northern neighbor Canada. But now, sensing opportunity, the Canadian Parliament – led by brilliant young Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – has done what our Republican dominated, do-nothing Congresses have been unable to achieve for decades; they passed a sweeping immigration reform bill aimed at making it easier to become a citizen, with full rights and benefits, including their universal healthcare program.

The Canadian Parliament is expected to sign into law a sweeping package of immigration reforms that will affect families, married couples, and skilled workers when it convenes in the fall, according to the Mississauga News. The number of years a person must be physically present in Canada to become a citizen will be reduced to three years from the current requirement of four, as noted on Canada’s immigration website. Canada will also allow you to count up to a year of time spent in Canada on a visitor’s visa or other credential towards this requirement.

You can view the full list of changes, expected to be signed into law this fall, here.

Considering how often Donald Trump has spoken about censoring the press, sued his enemies for filing legitimate complaints about Trump University with the federal government and openly encouraged violence in his Republican presidential campaign, it is little surprise that Americans who believe in free speech and our country’s Constitution view moving to Canada a viable option if the orange-faced candidate does manage to fool enough of our fellow Americans at the polls this November.

Of course Republicans who claim that they’ll move when Democrat Hillary Clinton becomes President, which is the most likely scenario, will ironically seek to immigrate to a country with a better immigration system than our own which they’ve voted against fixing time and time again.

Oh Canada!

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