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You Won’t Believe The Most INSANE Right-Wing Reaction To Michelle’s DNC Speech

You Won’t Believe The Most INSANE Right-Wing Reaction To Michelle’s DNC Speech

Michelle Obama made history last night when she publicly acknowledged the fact that that White House, the seat of the American presidency, was built by African-American slave labor. Referring both metaphorically and literally how the iconic mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the nation that it governs was built by humans that were considered property, Michelle noted that “I wake up every morning in a house built by slaves.”

It’s an uncomfortable truth that our nation has to accept if we are ever to exorcize the demons of racism from our society. But it’s made even harder by the fact that there are those among us who somehow want to strip black Americans of even this achievement:

That’s right. Some Americans are so intent on delegimitizing every black achievement and so deeply committed to marginalizing the role that black slaves played in building this nation that they can’t even give them credit for their own slave labor, When you look at the actual historical record, it’s even more ironic once you consider that the builders were forced to use slave labor because whites refused to do the job themselves.

This kind of attitude is representative of everything that’s wrong with America.

If you were looking for more proof:


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