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LGBT Magazine: Hillary Is The Most Pro-LGBT Rights Candidate In History

LGBT Magazine: Hillary Is The Most Pro-LGBT Rights Candidate In History

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Prominent LGBT magazine The Advocate has given presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton an “enthusiastic” endorsement, saying that Clinton has made LGBT issues a central plank in her campaign for the presidency. The magazine stated:

She has produced the most complete and impressive LGBT platform of any presidential candidate ever.

Clinton’s platform is impressive. Among other things, she plans to enshrine anti-discrimination protections for LGBT individuals in federal law; she will upgrade the service records of veterans who received less than honorable discharges because of their sexual orientation, which will let them access their veteran benefits; she is committed to ending discrimination against gay families seeking to adopt; and she stands for comprehensive transgender rights, in a time when many Americans are obsessed with trans people in public bathrooms.

The Advocate strongly condemned Republican nominee Donald Trump. It expressed its conviction that Trump, “has indicated his eagerness to abandon civil rights in pursuit of an electoral win.” Furthermore, Trump’s decision to make Mike Pence his vice presidential running mate, “underscores Trump’s abject refutation of LGBT rights as a principle he considers with any seriousness.”

As governor of Indiana, Pence passed a short-lived law that allowed businesses to legally discriminate against LGBT Americans. In his past as a Representative he refused to support legislation aimed at combatting the public health crisis of HIV/AIDS unless the government also funded anti-‘gay lifestyle’ campaigns and conversion therapy programs. Pence is not only against gay marriage, he is against gay civil partnerships – an undeniable sign that he is adamantly opposed to equal legal rights for LGBT citizens.

We stand with Hillary Clinton because she supports fair treatment for all Americans and is willing to fight for it, unlike Trump who tries to pander to LGBT audiences for electoral success but betrays his true commitments by choosing Mike Pence as his running mate. Clinton has taken the time to listen to the LGBT community and develop informed policies on areas of concern, from military service to school bullying and youth homeless shelters.

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We are with her.

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