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Loser: Judge Orders Trump To Pay Huge Settlement To A Small Business He Cheated

Loser: Judge Orders Trump To Pay Huge Settlement To A Small Business He Cheated

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By now, it is common knowledge that Republican nominee Donald J. Trump’s business “success” stems not from any particular skill at “dealmaking,” but rather through a combination of extortion, bribery, thievery, loophole-exploiting and just straight up refusing to pay people.

That’s all coming back to haunt him now, as – in what is beginning to become a VERY familiar story, Donald Trump has just been ordered to pay a small Florida business not only the $35,000 he owed them in the first place but their legal fees and a “risk fee” – which all adds up to a cool $282,000

Circuit Court Judge Jorge Cueto handed down the judgement in favor of the Paint Shop in Doral County, which was contracted by the Trump National Golf Course for a $200,000 renovation job. Once completed, Trump National decided it had paid enough and reneged on their obligations, spitefully holding out on the last payment of $34,863.

Some four years later, the Paint Shop is finally getting what it was owed. Trump thought he could bully the mom-and-pop shop into staying quiet and taking the loss – but they fought back and won big. In the long run, Trump’s cheapness and dishonesty is costing him another $80,000 more than if he had just paid up in the first place. 

The contract is the most basic aspect of business – a fee is exchanged for services rendered, but somehow, big “businessman” Trump cannot be trusted to follow through on the most fundamental economic transaction that exists.

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What will happen to our economy once he decides that, perhaps he doesn’t want to pay for some critical energy imports or decides that interest on the federal debt is negotiable? We’ve spent eight long years dragging ourselves out of the abyss of the Bush Recession. Our people deserve better than to have their savings and livelihoods threatened by the idle whims of a charlatan like Trump.


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