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A Man Just Offered to Donate $1 Million if Crooked Trump Releases His Tax Returns

A Man Just Offered to Donate $1 Million if Crooked Trump Releases His Tax Returns

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Moishe Mana is a billionaire real estate developer who immigrated to America famously penniless from Israel, and he’s so passionate about America that he wants to pry loose the biggest secret in the 2016 Presidential election: what’s inside Republican Donald Trump’s tax return. Mana is a major landowner in Miami’s trendy Wynwood Arts District and doesn’t believe Trump’s hype about his charitable deeds, so he decided that he would help America solve a mystery, and any charity of the Republican candidate’s choosing will benefit too:

“I came here as a dishwasher,” Mana says though his thick Israeli accent. “America, for me, this is the best-ever country that the human race ever created. America has been so good to me.” So, Mana says, to ensure that Trump doesn’t become president and decimate our still-great nation, he’ll donate $1 million to a charity of Trump’s choosing — but only if Trump finally releases his much-debated tax returns.

Donald Trump promised repeatedly to release his tax returns earlier in the campaign, the very same returns that columnist George Will believes could prove a link between the Republican nominee and Russia. But instead, today the “strong man” Trump dispatched his “top aide” Paul Manafort, the man famous for appearing all over the Panama Papers like a rash, and doing the dirty work of oligarchs in Ukraine to the press to break his promise, to release tax returns on his behalf.

The Republican presidential nominee took advantage of his free time Miami today, to shamefully and very publicly ask Vladimir Putin to hack the State Department and Democrat Hillary Clinton. Even Republican VP nominee Mike Pence understood the horror and the gravity of the situation where state-sponsored foreign hackers are attacking our civic institutions, and said that there should be punishment for whomever is caught in the DNC hack or any other digital break-ins. But not Trump, leading the  The Daily Beast to speak with a (not even slightly liberal) national security lawyer who said that Trump’s plea to Mother Russia, if fulfilled or leading to action could be considered a felony act of criminal incitement:

“It’s probably the most egregiously stupid thing I’ve ever heard a party nominee say ever,” said Bradley Moss, a lawyer specializing in national security law.  Moss believes that there’s a legal case to charge Trump for his comments, because he was calling for Russia to take “imminent lawless action,” which is speech not covered by the First Amendment.

 Until Trump’s taxes are released, nobody will ever believe that he’s not a vassal of Vladimir Putin after today’s performance, but Moishe Mana has firm beliefs about who he’s voting for no matter if he ever reads a single page of the Republican’s tax documents in this year’s election: Hillary Clinton. The stakes are too high, and of the choices at hand that the immigrant turned billionaire who fears Trump’s brand of fascism and his support for white supremacy said that he’d double down on trying to convince the failed casino owner turned reality TV star turned Republican presidential candidate to turn over his tax returns:

“But America,” says Moises Mana, “is worth more than a million dollars for me. If he says $2 million, I’ll go $2 million.”

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