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“American Jobs” Hypocrite Trump Is Now Begging For Undocumented Workers For His Florida Golf Course

“American Jobs” Hypocrite Trump Is Now Begging For Undocumented Workers For His Florida Golf Course

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The hypocrisy of Republican nominee Donald J. Trump is really just mind-boggling. At the same time as he goes from rally to rally, railing against immigrants coming to America and stealing our jobs, Donald Trump has been actively applying for HB-2 visas so that he can import foreign workers to care for his abomination of a mansion at Mar-e-lago and the Trump National Golf Course.

Buzzfeed discovered that Trump has just filed applications with the US Department of Labor to import 78 workers as housekeepers, gardeners, and for other jobs. Trump complains that during the summer “it’s impossible to find help around here” – except that when you ask a local Palm Beach Career Services agency, there are plenty – literally hundreds – of young Americans looking for work as servers, gardeners, cooks, etc.

Career services senior director Tom Veenstra said that “I can only tell you we have hundreds of people in our database that would qualify for a lot of those hospitality jobs.” Federal law mandates that companies must prove they’ve exhausted all efforts to hire American workers – but Trump obviously didn’t even try.

That’s probably because Trump is such a tight-fisted miser that he doesn’t want to pay his workers a fair wage – so he imports workers, pays them a pittance, and then ships them home. Trump has a long history of underpaying his workers or just not paying them at all – so one can only imagine how he’d behave as President.

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