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Republicans Tried to Smear Tim Kaine But Ended Up Insulting Veterans Instead

Republicans Tried to Smear Tim Kaine But Ended Up Insulting Veterans Instead

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Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine’s growing reputation as a super dad, bad impersonations and all, is endearing him in the hearts of millions of Americans this week as he’s being introduced to the world. The only ones not charmed are those Republicans who think the entire world fits into 140 characters, just like their favorite reality tv star nominee for President.

In their rush to jam their pizza stained fingers on the post button, the North Carolina Republican Party (the NCGOP) insulted the military service of Tim Kaine’s son, who is an actively deployed Marine, by sending out a tweet so mean, so callous and utterly bigoted that even they tried to take it down. But the internet rarely forgets, and lucky for us someone screen captured their off-kilter insults. They accused Tim Kaine of supporting Honduras by not wearing a US flag lapel as he gave a widely praised speech about the policies and people he supports.

It turns out that Tim Kaine – who is just as fluent in Spanish, as he is in corny dad jokes – was not wearing a lapel pin with the Honduran flag, but was actually wearing the Department of Defense recognized Blue Star Families pin with one star representing his brave son who is going in to Eastern Europe defend our country, potentially from Donald Trump’s new running mate Vladimir Putin.

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Some North Carolina Republicans have been growing tired of the NCGOP’s warmongering – which is especially ironic since they can’t recognize a veteran family when they see one.

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It was not a good sign when Dave Anderson asked for “facts and values” that the North Carolina GOP replied that all they had was beer and pizza, and a dog.

Maybe these North Carolinians brought a little too much beer to their political party, but Republicans have needed something to cry in lately, so I guess it’s hard to blame them for drinking heavily after nominating the most corrupt presidential candidate ever.

It’s obvious now, why the Republican Party in North Carolina is best known for its hateful anti-LGBT laws, than a Trump-style ethnic hatred, or any sharp witted tweets. It is truly as sad time for all North Carolina residents when the Republican party – in charge of their state government – is little more than a bunch of fact-free homophobes with nothing to offer but clumsy social media skills and hate.

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