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WATCH: Trump’s Ghostwriter DESTROYS Trump And Trump’s Media Coverage

WATCH: Trump’s Ghostwriter DESTROYS Trump And Trump’s Media Coverage

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In this clip, Trump’s ghostwriter – who famously called him a “sociopath” – berates CNN’s Chris Cuomo and the rest of the mainstream media at large for continuing to treat Donald Trump and his racist carnival of a campaign as if it were a legitimate political operation and that his proposals, message, and outbursts were statements worthy of being taken seriously, and not the impulsive outbursts of a delusional narcissist.

“They’re treating Trump as if he is a legitimate candidate for president of the United States. There is no way he is. No more than my two-year-old grandson would be a legitimate candidate for president. If the media treated my two-year-old grandson as someone who could be president, that would be scary. But when they treat, Trump who has no attention span, who has only a profound self-interest, who has no experience, and only has his own inflated sense of self-confidence as a qualifier, it’s scary!”

He’s right on the mark. We have to stop pretending that Donald Trump’s “ideas” and “policies” have any basis in reality and treat them for what they really are – the insane ravings of a disturbed old man.

Watch it here:

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