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Grammar-Challenged Trump Tries To Diss The New York Times: “They Don’t Write Good”

Grammar-Challenged Trump Tries To Diss The New York Times: “They Don’t Write Good”

On Monday, Republican nominee Donald Trump declared the New York Times an “absolute disaster.” He tore into the renowned publication using an unsurprisingly narrow vocabulary, repeatedly saying that Times reporters “don’t write good.” In fact, he has decided to give the paper a catchy new name that highlights his disapproval: “the failing New York Times.”

Trump was on Fox News’s show Hannity when the host, Sean Hannity himself, the destroyer of all things biased, asked Trump, “Is this now – you have to just accept that the media’s gonna be an extension of the Hillary press office?” (This question is a prime example of what Hannity considers high quality, unbiased journalism.)

“The media is very unfair, they are very biased,” Trump replied with the resigned tone of a self-appointed saint facing persecution. “You look at CNN and you look at The New York Times. I call it the failing New York Times because it won’t be in business for more than probably a few years unless somebody goes in a buys it that wants to lose a lot of money.”

He continued,

“But the New York Times is so unfair. They write three, four articles about me a day. No matter how good I do on something, they’ll never write good. I mean, they don’t write good. They have people over there like [presidential campaign correspondent] Maggie Haberman and others, they don’t write good.”

“They don’t know how to write good. And I guess if they did, they’re certainly not doing it. But The New York Times is just absolutely a disaster.”

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So there you have it, the newspaper that has won 117 Pulitzer Prizes in the past 98 years doesn’t write good.

Here is the video from the August 2 broadcast:


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