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IMPLOSION: Trump’s Campaign Manager “Mails It In” And “Staff Suicidal”

IMPLOSION: Trump’s Campaign Manager “Mails It In” And “Staff Suicidal”

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The Trump Campaign for President is imploding after an absolutely brutal 10 days where Democrats have rallied around Hillary Clinton and the Republican party has suffered one defection after another. New reports say that an ally of Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort received word that the Republican’s campaign manager is, “not challenging Trump anymore” and that he’s “mailing it in” and the staff is “suicidal.”

Maybe it’s because the first Republican Congressman to endorse Hillary Clinton for President went public today, and he won’t be the last. It could be because people who saw Donald Trump’s “dark dark” speech at the RNC came away significantly less likely to vote for Trump, and for the first time in the history of polling (since 1952) the Democratic Party has equalized the Republican lead in college educated white voters.

If it wasn’t already apparent that Trump is no Reagan, one of the late Republican icon’s speechwriters appeared at the Democratic National Convention to pledge his vote to Hillary Clinton, and say it too.

Republicans are fleeing their party in droves after their nominee for President in one single week embraced Russia and Vlad Putin, then took his thrill seeking exploits into uncharted territory by denigrating a Gold Star family (which has strategically sunk his campaign), then publicly accepting a “Purple Heart” Award the draft-dodging candidate didn’t earn and topping it off by picking on a baby at a rally. Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign surrogates are wreaking havoc on the airwaves with false claim after false claim, and his staffers begged Senators to commit political suicide to back up his unconscionable attacks on Khazir Kahn. Only today, Katrina Pierson (famous for wearing a bullet necklace on CNN) blamed President Obama for Captain Humayn Kahn’s heroic death in the line of duty which happened in 2004, spawning the #KatrinaPiersonHistory hashtag on twitter.

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The long anticipated crumpling of the Republican Party began in earnest this week with the departure of the author of the 2012 autopsy which pronounced the party dead after Mitt Romney’s loss, unless it could broaden its reach to minorities and women, and famously latino voters in particular.

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Meg Whitman, who spent $140 million of her own money as a Republican candidate for Governor in California (she lost) became the latest billionaire to publicly dump Trump for Hillary Clinton today too.

Donald Trump tossed all of that in his very first campaign speech (along with the popcorn) last summer, and hasn’t looked back as Republicans decided to abandon the coded words and dog whistle racism of the Southern Strategy which has defined their party since the 1970s after the civil rights movement changed our country’s political landscape. Paul Manafort masterminded the modern Republican campaign as the head of Reagan’s southern strategy in the 1980 election campaign, when the candidate’s “Let’s Make America Great Again” slogan made literal sense as the country suffered from high inflation and low growth.

But there’s no level of attention, negative or positive that will satisfy the narcissistic beast of a candidate, who is riding the wave of negative emotion into declaring open war on the top elected Republican, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Speaker Ryan has denounced Trump’s very worst behaviors from time to time, but still stands by his party’s candidate – who in true abuser fashion went to none other than the “banned” Washington Post to give an exclusive interview refusing to endorse Ryan in his primary. The final Trump self-destruction maneuver is bound to drive a permanent fracture into the Republican Party as the Tea Party extremist wing of the party led by Trump circles its wagons around its die-hard, ethnically homogenous voters who’re driven by fear, anger and hatred peddled with lies. Although, nobody in either party will shed a tear if Ryan gets “Cantored” in his Wisconsin Republican primary election against a completely unknown candidate.

Paul Manafort has managed the careers of dictators, scoundrels and Republicans for decades, and the fact that he’s raising the white flag on Trump with slightly under 100 days left in the campaign is a sure sign that the end is near for both their misguided Presidential campaign, and perhaps their days as a major party in America after this year’s elections.

Because the bottom of Trump’s shenanigans and the Republican Party’s long run misgoverning America’s legislatures has no end, and today is just the beginning, and this follow up report says it all:

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