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WATCH: Trump Surrogate Blames Obama For Capt. Khan’s 2004 Death, Twitter Loses It

WATCH: Trump Surrogate Blames Obama For Capt. Khan’s 2004 Death, Twitter Loses It

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Katrina Pierson burst onto the political scene as one of Donald Trump’s wackiest surrogate speakers last year, wearing bullet necklaces and spewing Tea Party dogma. But today she jumped the shark live on CNN with Wolf Blitzer by blaming President Obama for the heroic demise of Captain Humayun Khan, whose father’s powerfully emotional four minute speech at last week’s Democratic Convention has seized the national political conversation and won’t let go after Trump insulted the Gold Star family.

It all began innocently enough (which you can see the video below) as a discussion between Blitzer and Pierson on split screen about Eric Trump’s blunder filled appearance on MSNBC, in which she shamelessly slandered Khizr Khan with a right-wing talking point about sharia law, and quickly devolved when Trump’s surrogate saw that there was no winning the argument and said this whopping lie:

“It was under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that changed the rules of engagement that probably cost his [Captain Khan’s] life.”

That’s when twitter exploded, and made it rain #KatrinaPiersonHistory around the globe, results ranged from the real reason Donald Trump dodged the draft to epic disasters, to the good supper, to that funny time in 1997 when Katrina Pierson was busted for shoplifting – in real life – with her young son and her mugshot got onto the internet:

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Of course we all know what Republicans really blame President Obama for doing:

Here’s a complete video of the interview:

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