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JUST IN: Trump Panicking As New Polls Show Swing State Voters Flocking To Hillary

JUST IN: Trump Panicking As New Polls Show Swing State Voters Flocking To Hillary

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The Trump Campaign is reeling after his inevitable slide in the  after its disastrous Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and subsequent all-out implosion by the red-faced candidate. Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is pulling away in the key battleground swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, according to the most recent election polling from multiple sources across the country.

Presidential elections are most often decided by the voters of a few large states with diverse electorates with large flocks of independent voters known as “swing states.” Normally, a candidate for President spends most of their time in these swing states, like Florida where 7 out of 10 of the peninsula’s 19 million residents are registered to one party or another. In fact during the 2012 general, only four states were decided by a less than 5% margin, which tells you how important these battlegrounds have become, and where candidates try to focus most of their appearances post-convention in these races. But the Trump Campaign is nothing if not abnormal, and that continued when Trump ignored his demographic problem to hold a pointless rally in the solidly blue state of Maine, where he proceeded to censor protesters for – this cannot be made up – brandishing copies of the constitution high in the air. As far back as June, the Trump campaign was completely ignoring North Carolina, who voted for Obama in 2008 and Romney in 2012.

Trump’s current actions don’t even comport with what GOP state party leaders to expected in June, where they thought the candidate would use sheer personality to focus on their state’s blue collar voters, and somehow pry away minority voters that typically vote in their own best interests with the Democratic Party. After last week’s debacle, swing state veterans and their families – like the McCains – are abandoning the Trump Campaign in droves after the candidate callously attacked a Gold Star family for defending the Constitution at home and abroad, then accepted a “Purple Heart” award without earning the honor (“easier, by far”), after having dodged the draft with imaginary bone spurs.

It bears mentioning that most experts think no Republican candidate could capture the White House without winning Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania in the Electoral College, and thus far people in the ‘Quaker State’ are far less likely to vote for Trump after his disastrous “dark speech” at the RNC. No Republican has won the presidency without winning in Ohio, ever, and the Governor of that state just boycotted his party’s own convention and refuses to endorse Trump too.

Does any sane observer really think that New York and California, two of the biggest “blue states” in the country will magically choose the impetuous Trump over the tried and true leadership of Hillary Clinton? It’s already looking more and more like the 2016 election has already eluded the grasp of the infamously – scientifically proven to be – short-fingered Republican candidate, because he’s not even trying to hold on to the most important swing state votes, while Hillary Clinton’s campaign juggernaut is coordinating a massive get out the vote operation and saturation buys in mass media. Expect more poll results like these to follow, and more implosion from the Republican campaign as the wheels fall off.

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