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BUSTED: Investigation Finds Melania Was PREVIOUSLY Married, Possible Bigamy

BUSTED: Investigation Finds Melania Was PREVIOUSLY Married, Possible Bigamy

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Melania Trump’s immigration story is unraveling faster than the threads on one of her husband’s cheaply made Chinese ties.

After Melania’s racy photo shoot emerged questions were raised about the legality of  The Donald’s stepford wife’s immigration status, a charge which Melania flatly denied, “I have at all times been in full compliance with the immigration laws of this country. Period.” Melania also told Larry King that before her marriage to Trump that she had never been married.

However Trump’s former immigration lawyer, Michael Wildes, who worked for Trump at the turn of the century states Melania is lying and he has the evidence to prove that fact. According to Wildes, “Ms. Trump received citizenship in 2006 and prior to that she had a green card based on marriage.” This bombshell reveals Melania lied about Trump being her only husband as she was married a full four years before she married the faux-billionaire in 2005.

Immediately after Wildes made the statement he began to walk it back, realizing the doozy he had made by telling the truth,”There are certain parts of the process that remain private. The immigration authorities don’t discuss this nor should we.”

Contrary to the wishes of Wildes, the American public has a right to know if their future First Lady is at best an empty set of skin which does exactly as she is told without an independent thought in her head, or if she is in collusion with her husband and is a pathological liar. Pick one or the other.

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The Trump campaign has remained mum on this subject and has denied all requests for interviews or comments as they related to the statements of Michael Wildes. However it must now be plain to see Melania Trump lied and has been caught with red hands deeply inside the cookie jar. Trump threw their speechwriter under the bus for Melania’s plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s speech, but there is no easy blame this time. If the previous modus operandi of the Trump campaign is any indication of how they will respond to this earth shattering omission from a trusted Trump confidant, we should expect Melania to disappear from campaign trail entirely as this latest debacle proves the transparent hypocrisy of Trump’s rhetoric. He wishes to deport millions of immigrants from America’s borders, but his own wife is a proven liar who came to this country under the exact same circumstances. Once again Republican logical contortions are laid apparent to show that it is fine and dandy if what they are against benefits them and their loved ones, but nobody else. That is not an America of inclusion, but one of divisiveness, hate, and utter stupidity. One can only hope and plead the majority of American voters wake up to Trump’s scam before it is too late.

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