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Trump Just Admitted He Fell For FOX’s Obama “$400 Million Iran Ransom” Lie

Trump Just Admitted He Fell For FOX’s Obama “$400 Million Iran Ransom” Lie

Scientific studies show that viewers of Fox News are left knowing less after watching than they would if they’d watched no news at all, but how does that affect the Republican candidate for President? Clearly, the side-effects of watching faux news are just as strong at the top of the Republican ticket, and now Donald Trump is admitting it blaming Rupert Murdoch’s spinmeisters at Fox for his completely bogus claim that President Obama made a “ransom payment” to Iran based off a nonexistent video:

Donald Trump admitted on Friday that a story he has been telling audiences at rallies on Wednesday and Thursday — that he had seen a video shot and distributed by the Iranian government showing the world a “top-secret” American shipment of cash arriving in Iran — is completely false.

In actuality, there’s only one President of these United States who has ever sent goods to Iran to try and barter for hostages, and that would be Republican patron saint Ronald Reagan. In fact, the only shocking thing is that the Iran-Contra scandal didn’t have the same ending as Watergate, when ol’ Ronnie made a series of diary entries – only revealed after his death, in 2005 – that admitted that he knew about the secret arms deals, which incidentally were strictly forbidden by Congress:

Complex plan which could return our 5 hostages & help some officials in Iran who want to turn that country from its present course & on to a better relationship with us. It calls for Israel selling some weapons to Iran. As they are delivered in installments by air our hostages will be released.

Cong. has imposed a law that we can’t sell Iran weapons or sell any other country weapons for resale to Iran. Geo. also thinks this violates our policy of not paying off terrorists. I claim the weapons are for those who want to change the govt of Iran & no ransom is being pd. for the hostages.

Just imagine how nightmarish a Republican presidency could be, when led by a 70-year old man who gets his military advice “from the shows” into disaster after the mandarin mogul makes his decisions based on nothing more than the next b-roll footage shot for any random Fox News broadcast. It also just goes to show how the right-wing will take any story and maliciously twist it into some way to smear the President and to denigrate our nation’s efforts to parley with our international rivals.

Sadly, the only thing setting this latest bout of Trump’s political disinformation apart from the rest, is that for once he admitted being dead wrong.

Grant Stern
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