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Even FOX News Just Admitted The New Anti-Hillary Benghazi Lawsuit Is BULLSH*T (VIDEO)

Even FOX News Just Admitted The New Anti-Hillary Benghazi Lawsuit Is BULLSH*T (VIDEO)

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The anti-Hillary Benghazi witch hunt that has been plaguing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for literally years now has gone so far that even the once-propagator of the lies, Fox News, is finally denouncing it. Republicans have been attempting to pin the tragic attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya that led to the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens on Clinton, who was Secretary of State at the time.

However, multiple Republican-led investigations costing millions of dollars, and were deliberately trying to incriminate Clinton, have come up empty handed. There is no evidence that Clinton is culpable, because she is not. Benghazi was unfortunate, and there were some missteps on the part of the State Department and by security forces, but no one is culpable.

The final Republican report blames the administration set-up and suggests how future administrations can do better.

However, the right wing media, led by Fox, created a constant barrage of false information about Benghazi that firmly established conspiracies. Absurd lies spread for years, and just when we thought it was over Republican nominee Donald Trump’s Convention in Cleveland featured endless Benghazi speakers.

But finally, deranged Benghazi conspiracists have gone too far for Fox to handle. The families of two American Benghazi victims have filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, blaming her for their deaths. Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano called the lawsuit what it really is: “essentially political.”

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Napolitano opines that both claims made in the lawsuit (that Clinton accidentally leaked information, and that that information led to wrongful death) are tenuous at best, and will not stand up to scrutiny in court. He also points out that Clinton has immunity since she was acting as Secretary of State at the time.

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Furthermore, he acknowledges that this lawsuit won’t go anywhere for a long time since it is a politically charged case that is “bothering the judicial system” in order to garner attention. Napolitano says that, “If you don’t like Hillary, go on television and tell everybody why you don’t like her.” The courts are not the right place to make a political point.

We do not blame the parents of these victims for clinging to a narrative that holds someone accountable for the deaths of their sons. However we deplore Republicans and right wing media preying upon their grief, and fabricating conspiracy theories that Republican politicians themselves have repeatedly debunked.

These are a few important remarks from the conversation (transcript courtesy of Media Matters for America):

STEVE DOOCY (HOST): The parents of two Americans killed in Benghazi hitting Hillary Clinton with a wrongful death lawsuit claiming her use of a private server led terrorists to their sons among other things. So do they have a case and what does this mean for Hillary?


ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Quite frankly, I don’t think either parts of this lawsuit are going to go — they’re certainly not going to go anywhere during the election campaign.

DOOCY: Not before November.

NAPOLITANO: Judges will not rule on something like this during the campaign and they don’t like to rule on cases like this at all because they view them as essentially political. If you don’t like Hillary, go on television and tell everybody why you don’t like her. Don’t bother the judicial system. That would be the attitude of most federal judges.

DOOCY: OK, so if a judge would not address this until after the election, this is obviously just to inflict as much political damage onto Hillary Clinton as they possibly could.

NAPOLITANO: The lawyer here who a lot of us know Larry Klayman is a real gadfly who has been driving Hillary and folks who agree with her crazy with lawsuits for many years. And this is just another one of them.

Watch the full discussion here:

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