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Watch: Reckless Trump Just Called For Armed Uprising If Hillary Wins

Watch: Reckless Trump Just Called For Armed Uprising If Hillary Wins

Well, it’s finally come to this. The Republican presidential candidate just openly called for armed rebellion against the Democratic presidential candidate should she be elected and appoint justices to the Supreme Court. Trump has been pushing for months the idea that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will “abolish the Second Amendment” (for the record, she has said no such thing), just like Republicans before him accused President Obama of coming to take their guns (which he obviously has not done).

At a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina, just moments ago, Donald Trump called for the assassination or otherwise armed uprising against a Clinton presidency by the “Second Amendment folks, who are great.”

Obviously this is not only horrific but treasonous as well, and puts the Secret Service in an awkward position – how do you investigate a presidential candidate for threats made against another presidential candidate? It just goes to show that Trump will stop at nothing to put himself into the White House, and that he has no qualms about inciting political violence and further undermining the democratic process of our political system.

This is yet another incident that should disqualify Trump from the presidency, but unfortunately, the sequence of events that will play out is probably something like this:

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