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WATCH LIVE: A Man Is Climbing Trump Tower Using Suction Cups

WATCH LIVE: A Man Is Climbing Trump Tower Using Suction Cups

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The unidentified male climber began scaling Trump Tower in Manhattan sometime around mid-afternoon. A witness reports that he reached the twelfth floor in an hour. He is still determinedly working his way up the 58 story, that’s 1388 foot, skyscraper.

The climber has been forced to maneuver around the building now that emergency services are desperately trying to get him down. He seems confident that his equipment and methods are reliable, and has no interest in stopping his ascent. Right now the authorities are trying to talk him down rather than attempting a risky forceable removal.

It is unknown whether the climber has any political motive, but it is not unreasonable to speculate. He chose Donald Trump’s eponymous tower over any other skyscraper in the heat of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Watch the video here:

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