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JUST IN: Trump Campaign Director Pulls Gun On Staffer, Threatens to Shoot Him

JUST IN: Trump Campaign Director Pulls Gun On Staffer, Threatens to Shoot Him

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The Trump Campaign and its former North Carolina campaign director just got sued for an incident where Earl Phillip – who’s since resigned – pressed a loaded gun into the kneecap of “dedicated loyal Trump staffer” Vincent Bordini while the two were riding inside a Jeep together in South Carolina in mid-February during primary season.

As their discussion grew heated, Phillip drew his loaded .45 caliber handgun from the side of the Jeep, put his finger on the trigger and pressed the large weapon deeply into Bordini’s knee, with the safety off. Once Bordini showed extreme fear, he withdrew the weapon. Vincent Bordini’s lawsuit notes chillingly that even a single bump in the road could’ve put a tremendous hole in his knee, or worse:

Guns don’t have to fire to inflict damage. Vincent couldn’t sleep after the incident. If Phillip had flinched, Vincent might never have been able to properly walk again.

“I have retained legal counsel,” said Earl Phillip to a local news station in Charlotte, “and I am immediately stepping down from all association with the campaign or any other associated entities.” But Earl Phillip is one of Trump’s “Second Amendment people,” so after leaving the campaign earlier this week, he immediately landed a sweet gig as the deputy chair of Trump’s National Diversity Coalition, which he resigned just yesterday too.

Bordini reported the incident to Trump’s Western Carolina Campaign Director immediately, and the Republican staffer’s response terrified the loyal Trump supporter; he too had been threatened by Earl Phillip with a loaded firearm. Bordini took his problem to Trump’s National Field Director Stuart Jolly, who ignored it, and then all the way up the line to former campaign manager turned CNN personality Corey Lewandowski. Predictably, Lewandowski completely ignored the incident, and while Bordini put “his head down and soldiered on” nothing at all happened until finally the dejected Trump loyalist filed suit for assault, battery and infliction of emotional distress.

Bordini’s lawsuit details the Trump Campaign’s abuse of his working time because, as an experienced GOP campaign volunteer that started working for the McCain-Palin ticket in 2008 whose primary motivation was politics he was only paid a “meager” wage, but Earl Phillip demanded that his remote work assignments be converted into a traditional, in office 100% of the time job. Still, because he’d sacrificed outside work, Bordini stuck with the campaign for another month before quitting because “he needed the money” at that point — and did his best to steer clear of Phillip.

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Ever the true believer Republican, Bordini didn’t alert the authorities, but eventually he decided that he couldn’t in good conscience stay quiet after he later uncovered numerous staffers terrified of Trump’s North Carolina campaign manager, and who were willing to speak about Earl Phillip’s reckless brandishing of his handgun.

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People believe Donald Trump and his campaign to be unpredictable, but that’s a fallacy like most of the things he says to shock or outrage Americans for attention. If there’s one thing any keen observer would predict about a Donald Trump for president Campaign, it’s that it was likely to generate a lot of nasty lawsuits from day one, and this is probably just the beginning.

  Trump Campaign Lawsuit North Carolina by Grant Stern on Scribd

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