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The Republican Party Just Gave Trump This DIRE Ultimatum

The Republican Party Just Gave Trump This DIRE Ultimatum

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Time Magazine just reported that Reince Priebus, the Republican Party’s Chairman has given Trump a very dire ultimatum:

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told Donald Trump in a phone call last week that if he doesn’t turn his flailing campaign around, the national party may shift its focus from his candidacy to down-ballot races, according to two GOP officials briefed on the exchange.

Priebus who is in the unusual position of also being the Trump campaign’s sole source of cash through a joint fundraising committee which raked in $64 million last month alone. He’s also Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan’s best friend forever first campaign manager, the same member of his own party who – notwithstanding Trump’s endorsement – just won his district primary by an 84-16 margin against a heavily Trump backed opponent after the impotent presidential candidate “withheld his endorsement” leading to a decisive intra-party vote against hate and in favor of Ryan’s particularly heinous brand of fiscal insanity.

At 6am this morning, the exclusive story went out, and it could have only leaked from one very specific person, the Chairman of the Republican National Party Reince Priebus. The timing was no accident as data scientist studies show that Trump tweets the most in the early morning hours, and he is personally an Anrdoid user, while his iPhone using campaign takes over during the daytime hours.

So when Donald Trump went on CNBC early this morning to say he won’t change and, if he loses, it’s all the same to him, it wasn’t just an accidentally humble moment, but actually a capitulation. Trump told the aptly named “Squawk Box” program:

“I’m a truth teller. All I do is tell the truth. And if at the end of 90 days, I’ve fallen short because I’m somewhat politically correct even though I’m supposed to be the smart one and even though I’m supposed to have a lot of good ideas, it’s OK. I go back to a very good way of life.”

This is a fatal response by Trump, in front of the more educated audience on a financial news network, a tacit admission that his campaign strategy of leaving all of the staffing and infrastructure to the national Republican Party and running a tiny campaign of idiotic surrogates out to every CNN broadcast for 6 months solid while slinging pure bullshit, has finally gone politically bankrupt.

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Twenty years after Democrats scored an early knockout in the presidential race between another Clinton and Bob Dole that left the Republican ticket so wounded, they went to the press a week before the election to complain that they’d been dumped, it has happened again, they’re cutting the top of the ticket.

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I know, this is like claiming that there’s dog whistles blaring, but we know that the candidate reads everything about himself, and his words mark a tacit acceptance by Trump that he will in fact finish the race. It’s also a more important – dare it be described as mature – realization from Trump that his relationship with the Republican Party is about to end after the race, because he’s not going to win.

This quite probably marks the beginning of the end of the schism of the Republican Party in this year’s general election, and Trump is getting kicked out of the club.

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