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Trump Threatened Hillary’s Life. Reagan’s Daughter’s Response Is PERFECT

Trump Threatened Hillary’s Life. Reagan’s Daughter’s Response Is PERFECT

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The daughter of Republican patron saint Ronald Reagan took to Facebook today to issue a stern condemnation of Trump and the implied violence of his “Second Amendment People” remarks. Trump’s vague wondering that “maybe there was something they could do” about a Secretary Clinton presidency and the appointment of Supreme Court judges were quickly recognized by the nation as a dog-whistle call to assassinate Clinton.

On March 31st, 1981, Ronald Reagan and his entourage were showered with gunfire from mentally unstable man John Hinckley Jr, who wished to impress the actress Jodie Foster. Reagan nearly died after a bullet bounced into his ribcage and collapsed a lung, but the quick work of doctors were able to save him. Mrs. Davis has seen first-hand how it is possible, even with the protection of the Secret Service, for someone to pull off a heinous act – and thanks to Trump’s Republican Party and NRA backers, every mentally unstable Trump fan can get their hands on weapons much more deadly than the .22 revolver that Hinckley used.

It must also be humiliating to see the daughter of the man the Republican Party has elevated to minor deity status to be condemning their party’s nominee. It is certain that yes, Trump knew

The right-wing social media echo chamber is so terrified of a Hillary Clinton presidency, they’ve spent the past four years orchestrating an elaborate smear campaign and witch-hunt, the results of which are less tangible than the email prosecution they were hoping for but has succeeded instilling a deep-set hatred among conservatives.

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Former Secretary Clinton is referred to as a traitor on a daily basis by rabid conservatives online. Donald Trump’s own campaign surrogate Paul Bardasaro publicly called for her execution for treason.  Cries of “Hang that bitch!” echo at Trump rallies. In memes on the internet, she is depicted as a Nazi, as a Communist, as a murderer, as a corrupt and lying enemy of the American people.

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The right-wing media’s echo chamber has been hammering the false idea that Secretary Clinton is a criminal and a traitor for years to a low-educated but heavily armed voter base that is feeling extremely frustrated as they are manipulated and exploited by forces beyond their control.

Trump’s statements are the subliminal justification that a disturbed white man with a legally purchased assault rifle has been waiting to hear. He is putting the lives of the American people and our politicians at risk, and we must address this crisis with the seriousness it deserves. We cannot allow Trump and his cronies to pass this off as a “joke” or accept any of the obviously contrived excuses that his campaign team is rushing to hand out. 


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