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State Department Confirms Hillary NEVER Used Her Position For Personal Gain

State Department Confirms Hillary NEVER Used Her Position For Personal Gain

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Republican scoundrels now have one less absurd talking point in their toolbox to use against Hillary Clinton after the State Department confirmed there wasn’t a single inappropriate communication between Hillary Clinton’s staff and the Clinton Foundation.

While right-wing conspiracy theorists have attempted to hang their dirty hats on an entirely imaginary “pay for play” scandal cooked up by slop chefs spoon feeding empty rhetoric to the mindless masses, a charge which has been echoed by the disgusting failed businessman, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

During a briefing, State Department Spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau said, “The State Department is not aware of any actions that were influenced by the Clinton Foundation.”

The allegations began after emails surfaced of Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band soliciting a meeting between a donor to Clinton’s foundation and a U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, and in another when Band requested some of Clinton’s aides to help find a job for another individual connected to the foundation.

Trudeau shattered the fake scandal by laying out the flat truth, “The Department does not believe it was inappropriate for Mr. Band or any other individual to recommend someone be considered for employment at the State Department. We also do not believe it’s inappropriate for someone recommended in this manner to be potentially hired insofar as they meet the necessary qualifications for the job.”

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Part of the conspiracy theory is the name of the individual recommended for a job had their identity redacted from the released email, but not disclosing the identity is entirely legal and fair play. There was no need for the individual’s name to be released to the public as it was irrelevant. The Clinton campaign further echoed this point by outlining that the name of the undisclosed individual was not a Clinton donor, nor a Clinton Foundation employee. Even if the individual had been Trudeau clarified either scenario would not have prevented an individual from being considered for employment at the State Department. She said, “State Department officials are regularly in touch with a range of outside individuals and organizations, including non-profits, NGOs, think tanks and others.”

The Republican party, Donald Trump, and anti-Clinton propagandists now find themselves holding another empty sack. With Clinton being cleared of all wrongdoing in Benghazi, her email “scandal” which was innocuous and baseless, and now the “pay for play” scenario, Republicans are desperately pulling at straws trying to find any hint of impropriety and they have come up with absolutely nothing.

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