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WATCH: Fox News Host Gleefully Wishes For Terrorist Attack to Help Trump

WATCH: Fox News Host Gleefully Wishes For Terrorist Attack to Help Trump

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One of FOX News‘s most infuriatingly smug correspondents dragged his network into a dark place today when he expressed his hope that a terrorist attack – an “October Surprise!” occurred in the United States in order to terrify voters into voting for Trump.

On a recent episode of The Five, a discussion on the election turned horrifying almost out of nowhere. “If there’s one more terror attack, maybe in October, this is gonna make Trump’s plan look a lot more appealing” said the insufferable Jesse Watters.

His fellow host Juan Williams is absolutely disgusted. “Oh my god, what wishful thinking. Anti-American! That’s unbelievable!” When Watters petulantly whines that “Why would you say that that’s what I’m thinking How dare you!” Willams just shakes his head and says that it sounds like “desperation.”

It is absolute desperation, and a sign of how despicable these right-wingers truly are. The debate over assault rifles has shown time and time again that they are perfectly content to watch Americans die en masse to achieve their political goals – and this is no different.

Watch it here:

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