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A FOX Host Just Went Rogue Live On Air, Admitted The Network Is A Sham

A FOX Host Just Went Rogue Live On Air, Admitted The Network Is A Sham

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On the August 17 broadcast of ‘Fox Five,’ host Eric Bolling tried to do some electoral voodoo and convince himself and his viewers that although Republican nominee Donald Trump has appallingly low numbers in polls, he is actually ahead in the presidential race because there are large crowds at his rallies. Cohost Dana Perino calls out Bolling for deliberately lying to the audience and denying reality.

Perino: “Eric that is it’s a real disservice to his supporters to lie to them that those polls don’t matter you can’t take 12000 people at a rally that are your definite supporters, that are going to show up and campaign, and then say the polls are wrong.”

Bolling: “They’re not out there voting. People getting out on the streets and going to a rally, those are people who get up off the couch and go hear something, go say something.”

Perhaps it is worth noting that Trump supporters are not going out and voting since polls do not open until November 8. No one is going out and voting, and it is fallacious to assume that rally numbers directly correlate with the number of voters who will turn out at the polls.

Bolling and another co-host Greg Gutfeld attempted some arithmetic gymnastics as they quickly ran through an incomprehensible argument about voters at home cancelling out voters who are out. This was supposed to explain why the polls provide a wildly inaccurate view of the race. Again Perino called them out.

Perino: “But when the polls are good you say the opposite.”

Bollings: “Size of crowds is more indicative of following.”

As Perino goes on to explain, Romney supporters in the 2012 election were promised that Romney would win because the polls were wrong and rallies were a better indicator. Romney resoundingly lost, roughly by the margins predicted in the polls. Denying the accuracy of polls is a desperate delusion that flies in the face of reason. Polls are specifically developed and updated to accurately depict public opinion of candidates. Wishing the polls were wildly wrong is not going to change anything.

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