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JUST IN: Naked Donald Trump Statues Are Popping Up All Over America (IMAGES)

JUST IN: Naked Donald Trump Statues Are Popping Up All Over America (IMAGES)

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Republican nominee Donald Trump is notoriously touchy when it comes to his personal image and slights against his character – and so an anarchist art collective INDECLINE decided to take him down a couple peg in a hilarious way – by setting up naked Donald Trump statues in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Seattle.

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Unfortunately, it didn’t last long – in New York at least.

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Trump famously once was so shaken by then-rival Marco Rubio’s assertions that his hands were small – and the implication that his genitals might be small as well – that he assured the American people on a debate stage that “there were no problems” with his genitals. He also sued the artist who painted a now iconic image of him with a micro-penis – for which she was beaten by his rabid fans.

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We don’t know what lies in store for the INDECLINE group, but we appreciate their efforts to show the would-be Emperor without his clothes.

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