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Trump Fan Stiffs Waitress On Tip, Leaves DISGUSTING Message

Trump Fan Stiffs Waitress On Tip, Leaves DISGUSTING Message

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A couple in Harrisonburg, Virginia went out to lunch, and then decided to stiff the young woman who waited on them by leaving a racist note on the bill where the tip should have been. After her hard work, Sadie Karina was rewarded with the message, “WE ONLY TIP CITIZENS.”

John Elledge posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook; he and his granddaughter Karina are both American citizens. In essence, Karina was cheated out of her money for not being white. Her features appeared Hispanic to the couple, and they assumed that she was an illegal immigrant and did not deserve a fair wage for her work.

Rhetoric surrounding illegal immigration has reached a horrific stage. Illegal immigrants themselves come to America to work incredibly hard for the privilege of economic opportunity, and are being vilified by Republican nominee Donald Trump and his supporters. Now American citizens are also targets of the xenophobic rage. Americans with Hispanic heritage are called ‘Mexican‘ and ‘un-American.‘ Immigrants who have naturalized as U.S. citizens are rejected, and sometimes linked to terrorism. And waitresses with light brown skin and dark hair do not receive tips.

This is a snapshot of Trump’s America, characterized by disunity and tribalism based on skin color and physical features. We demand a president who will lead America into the future, not a man who will turn back the clock by spreading racism and preaching hate.

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