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Trump Fans Were Asked To Take Trump’s “Ideological Test.” Their Answers Are TERRIFYING

Trump Fans Were Asked To Take Trump’s “Ideological Test.” Their Answers Are TERRIFYING

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In a recent speech Republican nominee Donald Trump introduced his latest and greatest xenophobic foreign policy: “extreme vetting.” (“I call it extreme EXTREME vetting.”) He proposes administering an ideological test to all potential immigrants to keep extremists out. Trump will only accept immigrants who support freedom of religion, women’s rights, and gay rights, in an attempt to keep Islamic extremists out. Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t realize that opposing religious freedom, and equal rights for women and gays is not unique to extreme interpretations of Islam – it is characteristic of many mainstream religions including Christianity.

The Daily Show sent a reporter to lines outside of a Trump rally to quiz supporters and find out if they would pass an extreme vetting test. As one might expect, they failed spectacularly. Some did not respect Islam as a religion that Americans should be free to practice. Some did not think gay couples should have the same rights as straight couples. One woman thinks that being president is “a man’s job.” And there is a man who says foreigners don’t respect Americans while wearing a t-shirt that reads, “Hillary sucks but not like Monica! Trump that b*tch!”

Sadly, many of the individuals shown on film are not self aware enough to realize the irony in their statements. For the rest of us, this is a perfect illustration of the hypocrisy of islamophobes. Beyond loathing terrorist attacks, which every sane person does, they claim to dislike Islam because of specific aspects of the ideology; but on closer inspection they share those exact same ideologies. Ultimately, islamophobia is a bigoted worldview grounded in hating what is foreign just because it is foreign.

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