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After Warned to Stay Away From Louisiana, Trump Impedes Rescue, Embarrasses Himself

After Warned to Stay Away From Louisiana, Trump Impedes Rescue, Embarrasses Himself

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The state of Louisiana is attempting to recover from one of the worst floods in the state’s history, and Governor John Bel Edwards has pled with politicians from both parties not to visit the state looking for a photo opportunity to score cheap political points. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, however, apparently didn’t get the memo after Edwards specifically asked Trump not to visit.  After all, the fake tan faux-billionaire only hears what he wants to hear. Polling numbers are down? Obviously, he’s doing great. Governor of Louisiana asked you not to visit? Well, let’s head there immediately!

When a presidential candidate visits a disaster area it means resources from law enforcement must be reallocated to service the candidate. This causes a variety of problems, so even if the candidate has an actual desire to lend a helping hand, their presence causes more of a disruption than their presence is worth. Enter Trump…..

In classic Trumpian form, The Donald arrived “to help” by staging a photo op where he was handed a box. Trump then handed the box to his running mate Mike Pence, and Pence handed the box to someone else. The generous and laborious activity lasted about a minute, which is about the average Trump can last when performing other activities as well. Immediately after that, Trump began causing chaos at the scene by shaking hands and signing autographs. This diverted the attention of volunteers away from their appointed tasks to Trump, which was despicable and irresponsible. There was serious work that required immediate completion, and Trump stealing the time of workers was inexcusably arrogant.

Trump never misses an opportunity to fluff his own ego. He will now go back and tell his supporters that he went to Louisiana and due to his support they fixed all of the problems suffered in the flood in record time. Without him, they would be months behind schedule and only through his grace did the volunteers find the fortitude to venture on. The worst part of this entire debacle is millions of Americans will believe his story and see him as a hero, when he is actually the villain.

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