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Miss Universe Who Trump Fat-Shamed Just Got The Sweetest Revenge

Miss Universe Who Trump Fat-Shamed Just Got The Sweetest Revenge

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Alicia Machado, the Venezuelan winner of the Miss Universe pageant in 1996, has finally become an American citizen so she can influence this years historic presidential election. Machado has personally suffered at the bigoted hands of Republican nominee Donald Trump and she is determined to get out the Latino vote this autumn.

Trump, owner of the Miss Universe franchise, mocked Machado for her accented English during filming. He also made misogynistic remarks, for example suggesting that she should be called “Miss Housekeeping.” After she won Miss Universe, Machado who was 19 at the time, gained some weight, which is perfectly normal for women as they mature. Trump, however, took it upon himself to publicly call her “Miss Piggy,” an “eating machine,” and remark “this is a person who loves to eat.”

At one point in time, Trump callously invited media outlets to come and watch the supposedly ‘overweight’ Machado work out. After that incident, Machado says she suffered from eating disorders for five years. Her experiences with Trump left her depressed and destroyed her self esteem. He subjected to her to ridicule for his own amusement, preying upon her initially as a vulnerable foreigner who was not fluent in English.

Machado has found the ultimate revenge: her vote. She has worked in entertainment and television in America and has just become a citizen this year. She proudly registered to vote, saying that now, “Miss Housekeeping and Miss Piggy can vote!”

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Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton congratulated her:

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We also congratulate Machado for standing up to the bigot who bullied her and hurt her by taking part in one of the world’s great democracies. 

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