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Moby’s EPIC Takedown Of This Tacky Trump Family Photo Is Going Viral

Moby’s EPIC Takedown Of This Tacky Trump Family Photo Is Going Viral

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World-famous musician Moby took to Facebook to analyze the now infamous picture of Donald Trump and his family in their outrageously gaudy home.


Moby brings up some amusing points, but there’s much more here than meets the eye. Once you really look at it, the little details really sink in, and makes for a very introspective portrait of the Trump family.

We must go deeper.

Trump has bought his child toy limousines, so that the boy may play at pretending to sit in the back of an unnecessarily extravagant vehicle while servants ferry him about, teaching him at a young age the others exist only to serve him. The listless, heavy eyes of the stuffed lion weep with sadness, perhaps mourning how many magnificent beasts of the savanna the boy will grow up to slaughter, if he follows in the footsteps of his brothers. The glare of the photography lights turns the shine of the omnipresent gold to a harsh, garish sheen that prompts squints from all present.

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The lady Melania stands rigid and sharp, a sad cruelty etched on her face as she stoically endures yet another one of her husband’s tasteless displays of narcissism. Memories of her village in Slovenia flash in her mind as she grits her teeth and gives her best model stare. He’d be cranky for hours if he wasn’t pleased with her performance, she knows. The boy, uncomfortable and confused, yearns to retreat to the child’s wing and remove the suffocating confines of the suit.

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And then we have Trump himself, the only happy one in the photo, wearing a big stupid grin on his face and entirely unaware of the discomfort surrounding him. This is his moment. His trophy wife on his arm; his child upon a literal lion, in case the symbolism wasn’t obvious enough – just another prop for Trump to use to demonstrate his own personal excellence. Barron was so much more magnificent than everyone else’s kids. Tremendous boy.

So consumed in his own pleasure and sense of entitlement, Trump cannot feel the emptiness that hangs in the air. Not that he would care if he did. What was a little emotional neglect when he could just throw enough money at his family to keep them satisfied? He has more important matters to consider. I should run for President again, he muses.

Trump vaguely wonders how much it would cost to have the White House columns painted with gold-leaf.


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