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Trump Attacked The Clinton Foundation. Hillary’s Response Is PERFECT

Trump Attacked The Clinton Foundation. Hillary’s Response Is PERFECT

Republican nominee Donald Trump has gone on another tirade, spewing nonsensical allegations about the Clinton Foundation, the charitable organization run by the family of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump demands that the Foundation and its links with all of its donors be investigated by a “special prosecutor;” the “expedited investigation” must happen “immediately, immediately, immediately.” Clinton’s press secretary, Brian Fallon, responded to Trump’s absurdity and hit the nail right on the head:

Trump has donated over $110,000 to the Clinton Foundation over the years, including while Clinton was Secretary of State (more than he has donated to his supposedly beloved veterans’ charities). Until it became politically useful, he did not spread rumors about corruption at the Foundation.

In fact, the Clinton Foundation does a tremendous amount of work worldwide, focusing on women’s and girl’s rights in the developing world, global health crises like HIV/AIDS, global climate change, and economic opportunity. Its transparency is exemplary, it spends 88% of its money directly on programs to help the needy, and only spends $2 on fundraising per $100 raised. It is a top-ranked charity by the independent watchdog group CharityWatch.

If Trump wants to investigate himself and a transparent, successful charity that helps millions worldwide, then he can go ahead. We welcome his attempts to further strip himself of whatever might remain of his legitimacy as a presidential candidate.


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