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Trump Claimed He’s An Ally Of LGBTQ Americans. Cher’s Response Is HILARIOUS (VIDEO)

Trump Claimed He’s An Ally Of LGBTQ Americans. Cher’s Response Is HILARIOUS (VIDEO)

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After campaigning with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, singer and gay icon Cher spoke with MSNBC to explain why she and LGBTQ Americans will not be won over by Republican nominee Donald Trump’s pathetic attempts to pander to them.

The outspoken supporter of LGBTQ rights and mother of a transgender son scoffs at Trump’s attempt to even say ‘LGBTQ.’ Cher laughs when the anchor asks for her reaction exclaims, “Oh, come on! And he says it he says those letter like a child who’s just learning the alphabet!” Trump, the “most disingenuous man” Cher has ever seen, struggles to say the letters in sequence; watching the clip, you half expect to see massive question marks appear around his head like a cartoon.

After he finishes acquiescing to the left’s extreme demands that he acknowledge a spectrum of people and not just call them all ‘gay,’ Trump returns to his aggressive rhetorical style. He promises to “protect” LGBTQ people if elected. Cher’s tone of voice highlights that while Trump’s failure to successfully pander is humorous, the situation itself is incredibly dark.

I read that he was at a 7-hour closed-door meeting with 400 of the most conservative anti-LGBT people that there are, so how does he go from that meeting to telling my people that he will protect them?

I fear for those people. I fear for what they will do to those people… to my people!

We stand with the LGBTQ community, and we do not trust Trump, who has allied himself with fundamentalist’s like his vice presidential candidate Mike Pence. Pence, the former Governor of Indiana, has an appalling track record of trampling on gay rights, even briefly passing legislation to legalize discrimination against LGBTQ people. We demand an America that is for all Americans, not just those endorsed by the religious right.

Watch the video here:

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