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Chicago’s Police Dept. Mocks Trump For Outrageous Promises About Crime

Chicago’s Police Dept. Mocks Trump For Outrageous Promises About Crime

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Donald Trump has a bad habit of putting false words into the mouth of the Chicago Police, falsely blaming the department for his own decision to back out of a rally on a college campus and offensively pandering for political points with both cops and African-Americans, most recently by insulting Dwayne Wade’s tragic loss of a relative in an empty and insincere request for more than a 1% share of the black vote. Trump has decided to use inner-city violence – particularly in the city of Chicago – as the central message in his appeal to black votes. “Vote for me and you won’t get shot!” said Trump with his usual lack of nuance. Finally fed up with Trump’s delusional promises to end an epidemic of violence that has plagued American cities for decades, Chicago’s Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson fired back at the Republican bigot:

As far as what Mr. Trump said, I don’t have a whole lot of comment on that. If you have a magic bullet to stop the violence anywhere – not just in Chicago, but in America – then please share it with us! We’d be glad to take that information and stop this violence.

I gotta tell ya. I’m so sick of every weekend talking about the murders that happened in the streets.

Chicago’s top cop told the media that his department has become expert at catching the perpetrators of crimes, and in fact the press conference this weekend was to announce that they’d captured two suspects in the tragic death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin. Meanwhile, Trump was more concerned about his misspelling of Dwyane Wade’s name (see below) than offering sympathy, which his campaign dutifully did from their iPhone over the candidate’s twitter account after both repulsive pandering tweets were sent.

The Republican party’s standard bearer is the living manifestation of white privilege, who has never known the wrong side of a policeman’s gun or faced a situation he couldn’t buy his way out of, like the many times the federal government called out the Trump Organization for violating the Fair Housing Act.

Trump’s utter disconnect from reality is so bad that even the Fox News talking-head who lost custody of his kids over domestic violence allegations called out the lunacy of the Republican presidential candidate‘s “tough on crime” sloganeering and his calls for more police brutality as the cure for crime, reminding him that cops can’t “just beat people up.”

Without more common sense gun laws, Chicago will keep being flooded with legally purchased weapons from outside the state, with 20% of them coming from Indiana, where Trump’s running mate Mike Pence has led a rollback of gun restrictions on sawed-off shotguns. That repeal was singled out by President Obama last year in a speech about cities whose crime problems are more persistent in the face of the national drop in violent crime in America we’ve seen today.

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It’s hard to imagine that electing the very Republican politician whose state’s lax gun laws fuel one of every five shootings in Chicago to a higher office is going to somehow solve gun violence, and there’s no way Donald Trump will solve anything with his ideas that even Faux News calls out as lies.

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